I WAS WALKING along a path overgrown with grass, when suddenly I heard from some one behind, 'See if you know me?'

        I turned round and looked at her and said, I cannot remember your name.'

        She said, I am that first great Sorrow whom you met when you were young.'

        Her eyes looked like a morning whose dew is still in the air.

        I stood silent for some time till I said, 'Have you lost all the great burden of your tears?'

        She smiled and said nothing. I felt that her tears had had time to learn the language of smiles.

        'Once you said,' she whispered, 'that you would cherish your grief for ever.'

        I blushed and said, 'Yes, but years have passed and I forget.'

        Then I took her hand in mine and said, 'But you have changed.'

'What was sorrow once has now become peace,' she said.