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The Crescent Moon

The Home (I PACED ALONE on the ) On the Seashore (ON THE SEASHORE of endless ) The Source (THE SLEEP THAT flits on baby's )
Baby's Way (IF BABY ONLY wanted to) The Unheeded Pageant (AH, WHO WAS it coloured ) Sleep-Stealer (WHO STOLE sleep from )
The Beginning (WHERE HAVE I come from) Baby's World (I WISH I could take a quiet ) When and Why (WHEN I BRING you coloured toys)
Defamation (WHY ARE THOSE tears ) The Judge (SAY OF HIM what you ) Playthings (CHILD, HOW happy you )
The Astronomer (I ONLY SAID, 'When in the ) Clouds and Waves (MOTHER, THE folk who ) The Champa Flower (SUPPOSING I became a champa )
Fairyland (IF PEOPLE came to know ) The Land of the Exile (MOTHER, THE light has ) The Rainy Day (SULLEN CLOUDS are gathering )
Paper Boats (DAY BY DAY I float ) The Sailor (THE BOAT OF THE boatman ) The Further Bank (I LONG TO GO over there )
The Flower-School (WHEN STORM clouds rumble ) The Merchant (IMAGINE, MOTHER, that ) Sympathy (IF I WERE ONLY a little puppy)
Vocation (WHEN THE GONG sounds ten ) Superior (MOTHER, YOUR baby ) The Little Big Man (I AM SMALL because )
Twelve O'clock (MOTHER, I do want to ) Authorship (YOU SAY THAT father writes ) The Wicked Postman (WHY DO YOU sit there )
The Hero (MOTHER, LET us imagine ) The End (IT is TIME for me to go) The Recall (THE NIGHT was dark when )
The First Jasmines (AH, THESE jasmines) The Banyan Tree (O YOU shaggy-headed ) Benediction (BLESS THIS little heart)
The Gift (I WANT TO give you something) My Song (THIS SONG OF mine ) The Child-Angel (THEY CLAMOUR and fight)
The Last Bargain (COME AND HIRE me,' I cried)