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Stray Birds

1 (STRAY BIRDS of summer come to my window) 2 (O TROUPE OF little vagrants of the world) 3 (THE WORLD puts off its mask of vastness to its lover)
4 (IT IS THE tears of the earth ) 5 (THE MIGHTY desert is burning for the love) 6 (IF YOU SHED tears when you miss the sun)
7 (THE SANDS in your way beg for your song) 8 (HER WISTFUL face haunts) 9 (ONCE WE dreamt that we were strangers)
10 (SORROW is hushed into peace in my heart ) 11 (SOME UNSEEN fingers, like idle breeze) 12 ('WHAT LANGUAGE is thine, O sea)
13 (LISTEN, MY heart, to the whispers) 14 (THE MYSTERY of creation is like the darkness) 15 (Do NOT seat your love upon)
16 (I SIT AT my window this morning) 17 (THESE LITTLE thoughts are the rustle) 18 (WHAT YOU are you do not see)
19 (MY WISHES are fools) 20 (I CANNOT choose the best) 21 (THEY THROW their shadows before them)
22 (THAT I exist is a perpetual surprise ) 23 ('WE, THE rustling leaves, have a voice) 24 (REST BELONGS to the work)
25 (MAN IS A born child) 26 (GOD EXPECTS answers for the flowers) 27 (THE LIGHT that plays, like a naked child)
28 (O BEAUTY, find thyself in love) 29 (MY HEART beats her waves at the shore) 30 ('MOON, FOR what do you wait)
31 (THE TREES come up to my window ) 32 (HIS OWN mornings are new) 33 (LIFE FINDS its wealth by the claims)
34 (THE DRY river-bed finds) 35 (THE BIRD wishes it were a cloud) 36 (THE WATERFALL sings)
37 (I CANNOT tell why this heart ) 38 (WOMAN, WHEN you move about ) 39 (THE SUN goes to cross the Western sea)
40 (DO NOT blame your food ) 41 (THE TREES, like the longings of the earth) 42 (YOU SMILED and talked to me )
43 (THE FISH IN the water is silent) 44 (THE WORLD rushes on over the strings) 45 (HE HAS made his weapons his gods)
46 (GOD FINDS himself by creating) 47 (SHADOW, WITH her veil drawn) 48 (THE STARS are riot )
49 (I THANK thee that I am none of the wheels) 50 (THE MIND, sharp but not broad) 51 (YOUR IDOL is shattered in the dust)
52 (MAN DOES not reveal himself ) 53 (WHILE THE glass lamp rebukes the earthen) 54 (LIKE THE meeting of the seagulls)
55 (MY DAY is done, and I am like a boat ) 56 (LIFE is given to us) 57 (WE COME nearest to the great)
58 (THE SPARROW is sorry ) 59 (NEVER BE afraid of the moments) 60 (THE HURRICANE seeks the shortest road )
61 (TAKE MY wine in my own cup) 62 (THE PERFECT decks itself ) 63 (GOD SAW to man, 'I heal you therefore)
64 (THANK THE flame for its light) 65 (TINY GRASS, your steps are small) 66 (THE INFANT flower opens its bud )
67 (GOD GROWS weary of great) 68 (WRONG CANNOT afford defeat ) 69 (I GIVE MY whole water in joy)
70 (WHERE is the fountain that throws up) 71 (THE WOODCUTTER'S axe begged ) 72 (IN MY solitude of heart I feel the sigh)
73 (CHASTITY is a wealth that comes) 74 (THE MIST, like love, plays upon) 75 (WE READ the world wrong)
76 (THE POET wind is out over the sea) 77 (EVERY CHILD comes with the message) 78 (THE GRASS seeks her crowd )
79 (MAN BARRICADES against himself) 80 (YOUR VOICE, my friend, wanders) 81 (WHAT is this unseen flame of darkness )
82 (LET LIFE be beautiful) 83 (HE WHO WANTS to do good) 84 (IN DEATH the many becomes one)
85 (THE ARTIST is the lover of Nature) 86 (HOW FAR are you from me) 87 (THIS LONGING is for the one)
88 (You ARE the big drop of dew) 89 (THE SCABBARD is content) 90 (IN DARKNESS the One appears)
91 (THE GREAT earth makes herself) 92 (THE BIRTH and death of the leaves) 93 (POWER SAID to the world)
94 (THE MIST is like the earth's desire) 95 (BE STILL my heart) 96 (THE NOISE of the moment scoffs)
97 (I THINK OF other ages that floated) 98 (THE SADNESS of my soul) 99 (DEATH'S STAMP gives value)
100 (THE CLOUD stood humbly) 101 (THE DUST receives insult) 102 (DO NOT linger to gather flowers)
103 (ROOTS ARE the branches) 104 (THE MUSIC of the far-away) 105 (DO NOT insult your friend)
106 (THE TOUCH of the nameless days) 107 (THE ECHO mocks her origin) 108 (GOD is ashamed when the)
109 (I CAST MY own shadow upon) 110 (MAN GOES into the noisy crowd) 111 (THAT WHICH ends in exhaustion)
112 (THE SUN has his simple robe) 113 (THE HILLS are like shouts) 114 (THE ROAD is lonely)
115 (THE POWER that boasts of its) 116 (THE EARTH hums to me to-day in the sun) 117 (THE GRASS-BLADE is worthy)
118 (DREAM IS A wife who must talk) 119 (THE NIGHT kisses the fading day) 120 (I FEEL THY beauty, dark night)
121 (I CARRY IN my world that) 122 (DEAR FRIEND, I feel the silence) 123 (THE BIRD thinks it is an act)
124 ('IN THE MOON thou sendest) 125 (THE GREAT is a born child) 126 (NOT HAMMERSTROKES)
127 (BEES SIP honey from flowers) 128 (To BE outspoken is easy when) 129 (ASKS THE Possible to the Impossible)
130 (IF YOU SHUT your door) 131 (I HEAR SOME rustle of things) 132 (LEISURE IN its activity is work)
133 (THE LEAF becomes flower when it loves) 134 (HE ROOTS below the earth claim) 135 (THIS RAINY evening the wind )
136 (STORM OF midnight, like a giant) 137 (THOU RAJSEST thy waves vainly ) 138 ('I AM ashamed of my emptiness,' said)
139 (TIME is the wealth of change, but ) 140 (TRUTH IN HER dress finds facts) 141 (WHEN I travelled to here and to there)
142 (LET ME think that there is one) 143 (WOMAN, WITH the grace of your) 144 (ONE SAD voice has its nest among )
145 (THE FLAMING fire warns me off) 146 (I HAVE my stars in the sky) 147 (THE DUST of the dead )
148 (GAPS ARE left in life through) 149 (THE WORLD has opened its heart) 150 (MY THOUGHTS shimmer with these)
151 (GOD's GREAT power is in the gentle) 152 (THIS IS A dream in which things are ) 153 ('WHO is there to take up my duties)
154 (BY PLUCKING her petals you do not) 155 (SILENCE WILL carry your voice ) 156 (THE GREAT walks with the)
157 (THE NIGHT opens the flowers in secret) 158 (POWER TAKES as ingratitude) 159 (WHEN WE rejoice in our fulness)
160 (THE RAINDROPS kissed the earth) 161 (THE COBWEB pretends to catch) 162 (LOVE! WHEN you come with the)
163 ('THE LEARNED say that your lights) 164 (IN THE DUSK of the evening the bird) 165 (THOUGHTS PASS in my mind like)
166 (THE CANAL loves to think that rivers) 167 (THE WORLD has kissed my soul) 168 (THAT WHICH oppresses me, is it my soul)
169 (THOUGHT FEEDS itself) 170 (I HAVE DIPPED the vessel ) 171 (EITHER YOU have work or)
172 (THE SUNFLOWER blushed ) 173 ('WHO DRIVES me forward) 174 (THE CLOUDS fill the watercups)
175 (I SPILL water from my water) 176 (THE WATER in a vessel is sparkling) 177 (YOUR SMILE was the flowers of your own fields)
178 (IT is THE little things that I leave) 179 (WOMAN, THOU hast encircled) 180 (THE SUNSHINE greets me)
181 (MY FLOWER of the day dropped) 182 (I AM LIKE the road in the night ) 183 (THE EVENING sky to me is like)
184 (HE WHO is too busy doing) 185 (I AM THE autumn cloud) 186 (THEY HATED and killed)
187 (TOES ARE THE fingers) 188 (DARKNESS TRAVELS towards light) 189 (THE PET DOG suspects)
190 (SIT STILL my heart) 191 (THE BOW whispers to the arrow ) 192 (WOMAN, IN your laughter)
193 (A MIND all logic is) 194 (GOD LOVES man's lamp lights) 195 (THIS WORLD is the world)
196 ('MY HEART is like the golden ) 197 (BY TOUCHING you may kill) 198 (THE CRICKET'S chirp and the patter)
199 ('I HAVE lost my dewdrop) 200 (THE BURNING log bursts ) 201 (HE WASP thinks that the)
202 ('I CANNOT keep your waves) 203 (THE DAY, with the noise ) 204 (THE SONG feels the infinite )
205 (WHEN THE sun goes down ) 206 (LET ME not put myself wrongly) 207 (PRAISE SHAMES me)
208 (LET MY doing nothing ) 209 (MAIDEN, YOUR simplicity) 210 (THE BEST does not come alone)
211 (GOD'S RIGHT hand is gentle) 212 (MY EVENING came among) 213 (NIGHT'S DARKNESS is a bag)
214 (OUR DESIRE lends the colours) 215 (GOD WAITS to win back his own) 216 (MY SAD thoughts tease me)
217 (THE SERVICE of the fruit is precious) 218 (MY HEART HAS spread its sails) 219 (MEN ARE cruel, but Man is kind)
220 (MAKE ME thy cup and let my) 221 (THE STORM is like the cry) 222 (THE WORLD does not leak)
223 (LIFE HAS become richer) 224 (MY FRIEND, your great heart shone ) 225 (THE FOUNTAIN of death makes)
226 (THOSE WHO have everything but thee) 227 (THE MOVEMENT of life has) 228 (KICKS ONLY raise dust)
229 (OUR NAMES are the light that) 230 (LET HIM only see the thorns) 231 (SET BIRD'S wings with gold)
232 (THE SAME lotus of our clime) 233 (IN HEART'S perspective) 234 (THE MOON HAS her light )
235 (DO NOT SAY, 'It is morning,') 236 (SMOKE BOASTS to the sky) 237 (THE RAINDROP whispered)
238 (TIMID THOUGHTS) 239 (THE DIM silence of my mind) 240 (ROCKETS, YOUR insult to the stars)
241 (THOU HAST led me through ) 242 (THIS LIFE is the crossing of a sea) 243 (THE STREAM of truth flows)
244 (MY HEART is homesick to-day ) 245 (THE BIRDSONG is the echo ) 246 (ARE you too proud to Kiss me)
247 (HOW MAY I sing to thee) 248 (MAN is worse than an animal) 249 (DARK CLOUDS become)
250 (LET NOT THE sword-blade) 251 (THE NIGHT'S silence, like a deep lamp) 252 (AROUND THE sunny island of Life)
253 (IS NOT THIS mountain like a flower) 254 (THE REAL WITH its meaning read ) 255 (FIND TOUR beauty, my heart)
256 (THE EYES ARE not proud) 257 (I LIVE IN this little world of mine) 258 (THE FALSE can never grow)
259 (MY HEART, with its lapping waves) 260 (WAYSIDE GRASS, love the star) 261 (LET YOUR music, like a sword)
262 (THE TREMBLING leaves of this) 263 (THIS SADNESS of my soul ) 264 (THE LITTLE flower lies)
265 (I AM IN the world of the roads) 266 (I HAVE sung the songs of thy day) 267 (I DO NOT ask thee into the house)
268 (DEATH BELONGS to life) 269 (I HAVE learnt the simple meaning) 270 (THE NIGHT'S flower was late )
271 (THROUGH THE sadness of all things) 272 (I CAME TO your shore as a stranger) 273 (LET MY thoughts come to you)
274 (LIGHT IN MY heart the evening) 275 (I AM A child in the dark) 276 (THE DAY OF work is done)
277 (THE LAMP OF meeting burns long) 278 (ONE WORD keep for me ) 279 (WE LIVE IN this world )
280 (LET THE dead have the immortality ) 281 (I HAVE SEEN thee as) 282 (I SHALL DIE again and again)
283 (WHILE I was passing with the crowd) 284 (LOVE is life in its fulness) 285 (THEY LIGHT their own lamps)
286 (LEAD ME in the centre) 287 (LET THEM live who choose) 288 (LOVE'S PAIN sang round my life)
289 (PUT OUT THE lamp when) 290 (WHEN I stand before thee) 291 (SOME DAY I shall sing to thee)
292 (CLOUDS COME floating into my) 293 (TRUTH RAISES against itself ) 294 (THE STORM OF the last night)
295 (TRUTH SEEMS to come with) 296 (BLESSED is he whose fame ) 297 (SWEETNESS OF thy name)
298 (THE SILENT night has the beauty) 299 (THE WORLD loved man when) 300 (GOD WAITS for man to regain)
301 (LET ME FEEL this world as thy ) 302 (THY SUNSHINE smiles upon the) 303 (GOD KISSES the finite in his)
304 (THOU GROSSEST desert lands) 305 (GOD'S SILENCE ripens) 306 (THOU WILT find)
307 (LET ME NOT shame thee) 308 (CHEERLESS is the day) 309 (TONIGHT THERE is a stir)
310 (I DREAM OF a star) 311 (THE SMELL OF the wet earth) 312 (THAT LOVE can ever lose)
313 (WE SHALL know some day ) 314 (GOD COMES to me in the dusk) 315 (WHEN ALL the strings of my )
316 (LET ME live truly, my Lord) 317 (MAN'S HISTORY is waiting) 318 (I FEEL THY gaze upon my heart)
319 (I LONG FOR the Island of Songs) 320 (THE PRELUDE of the night is) 321 (I HAVE SCALED the peak)
322 (THINGS LOOK phantastic in this dimness) 323 (I HAVE suffered and despaired) 324 (THERE ARE tracts in my life)
325 (RELEASE ME from my unfulfilled) 326 (LET THIS be my last word)