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Introduction (A FEW DAYS ago I said) 1 (THOU HAST made me endless) 2 (WHEN THOU commandest me)
3 (I KNOW NOT how thou singest) 4 (LIFE OF MY life, I shall) 5 (I ASK FOR A moment's indulgence)
6 (PLUCK THIS little flower) 7 (MY SONG HAS put off) 8 (THE CHILD WHO is decked with)
9 (O FOOL, TO TRY to carry) 10 (HERE IS THY footstool and there) 11 (LEAVE THIS chanting)
12 (THE TIME THAT my journey takes) 13 (THE SONG THAT I came to sing) 14 (MY DESIRES ARE many and my cry)
15 (I AM HERE TO sing thee songs.) 16 (I HAVE HAD my invitation) 17 (I AM ONLY waiting for love)
18 (CLOUDS HEAP upon clouds and it darkens.) 19 (IF THOU speakest not I will fill) 20 (ON THE DAY when the lotus bloomed)
21 (I MUST LAUNCH out my boat. ) 22 (IN THE DEEP shadows of the rainy) 23 (ART THOU abroad on this stormy)
24 (IF THE DAY is done, if birds sing) 25 (IN THE NIGHT of weariness let me) 26 (HE CAME AND sat by my side)
27 (LIGHT, OH WHERE is the light? ) 28 (OBSTINATE ARE THE trammels) 29 (HE WHOM I ENCLOSE with my)
30 (I CAME OUT alone on my way) 31 (PRISONER, TELL me, who was) 32 (BY ALL MEANS they try to hold)
33 (WHEN IT WAS day they came) 34 (LET ONLY THAT little be left) 35 (WHERE THE mind is without)
36 (THIS IS MY prayer to thee) 37 (I THOUGHT that my voyage) 38 (THAT I WANT thee, only)
39 (WHEN THE HEART is hard) 40 (THE RAIN HAS held back for) 41 (WHERE DOST thou stand behind)
42 (EARLY IN THE day it was whispered) 43 (THE DAY WAS when I did) 44 (THIS IS MY delight, thus to wait)
45 (HAVE YOU NOT heard his ) 46 (I KNOW NOT from what distant) 47 (THE NIGHT is nearly spent )
48 (THE MORNING sea of silence) 49 (YOU CAME down from your ) 50 (I HAD GONE a-begging from )
51 (THE NIGHT darkened. Our day's) 52 (I THOUGHT I should ask of thee) 53 (BEAUTIFUL is thy wristlet, decked)
54 (I ASKED nothing from thee; I ) 55 (LANGUOR is upon your heart ) 56 (THUS IT IS that thy joy )
57 (LIGHT, MY light, the world-filling) 58 (LET ALL THE strains of joy mingle) 59 (YES, I know, this is nothing but)
60 (ON THE seashore of endless ) 61 (THE SLEEP that flits on baby's ) 62 (WHEN I BRING to you coloured toys)
63 (THOU HAST made me known to) 64 (ON THE SLOPE of the desolate ) 65 (WHAT DIVINE drink wouldst thou )
66 (SHE WHO EVER had remained in) 67 (THOU ART THE sky and thou ) 68 (THY SUNBEAM comes upon this )
69 (THE SAME stream of life that runs ) 70 (IS IT BEYOND thee to be glad ) 71 (THAT I SHOULD make much of )
72 (HE IT IS, the innermost one, who) 73 (DELIVERANCE is not for me ) 74 (THE DAY is no more, the shadow )
75 (THY GIFTS TO us mortals fulfil all ) 76 (DAY AFTER DAY, O lord of my life) 77 (I KNOW THEE as my God and stand)
78 (WHEN THE creation was new and ) 79 (IF IT IS NOT my portion to meet) 80 (I AM LIKE A remnant of a cloud)
81 (ON MANY AN idle day have ) 82 (TIME is endless in thy hands) 83 (MOTHER, I shall weave a chain)
84 (IT IS THE pang of separation) 85 (WHEN THE warriors came out) 86 (DEATH, THY servant)
87 (IN DESPERATE hope I go ) 88 (DEITY OF THE ruined temple) 89 (NO MORE NOISY, loud words)
90 (ON THE DAY when death will) 91 (O THOU THE last fulfilment) 92 (I KNOW THAT the day will )
94 (AT THIS TIME of my parting, ) 95 (I WAS NOT aware of the moment) 96 (WHEN I GO from hence let )
97 (WHEN MY play was with thee) 98 (I WILL DECK thee with trophies) 99 (WHEN I GIVE up the helm)
93 (I HAVE GOT my leave. ) 100 (I DIVE DOWN into the depth) 101 (EVER IN MY life have I sought)
102 (I BOASTED among men that) 103 (IN ONE salutation to thee, )