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Lover's Gift

1 (YOU ALLOWED your kingly) 2 (COME TO MY garden walk) 3 (THE FRUITS COME in crowds)
4 (SHE IS NEAR TO my heart) 5 (I WOULD ASK for still more) 6 (IN THE LIGHT of this thriftless)
7 (IT IS LITTLE that remains now) 8 (THERE IS ROOM for you) 9 (WOMAN, YOUR basket is heavy)
10 (WHAT IS IT THAT drives these) 11 (IT WAS ONLY the budding of leaves) 12 (AGES AGO WHEN you opened)
13 (LAST NIGHT IN the garden I offered) 14 (IF I AM impatient today, forgive me) 15 (HER NEIGHBOURS call her dark)
16 (SHE DWELT HERE by the pool) 17 (WHILE AGES passed) 18 (YOUR DAYS WILL be full of cares)
19 (IT IS WRITTEN in the book) 20 (WHERE IS THE market for you) 21 (METHINKS, MY love, before the )
22 (I SHALL GLADLY suffer the pride ) 23 (I LOVED THE sandy bank where) 24 (YOUR WINDOW half opened)
25 (I CLASP YOUR hands) 26 (IF, BY chance you ) 27 (I FILLED MY tray with)
28 (I DREAMT THAT she sat) 29 (I THOUGHT I had something) 30 (THE SPRING flowers breakout)
31 (MY FLOWERS were like milk) 32 (MANY A TIME when the spring) 33 (THE BOISTEROUS spring)
34 (WHEN OUR farewell moment came) 35 (LAST NIGHT clouds were threatening ) 36 (MY FETTERS, you made )
37 (YOU HAD YOUR rudder broken) 38 (THE CURRENT in which I drifted) 39 (THERE IS A looker-on)
40 (A MESSAGE CAME from my youth) 41 (THE GIRLS ARE out to fetch water) 42 (ARE TOU A MERE picture, and not)
43 (DYING, YOU have left behind you) 44 (WHEN IN YOUR death you died) 45 (BRING BEAUTY and order)
46 (THE SKY GAZES on its own) 47 (THE ROAD is my wedded companion. ) 48 (I TRAVELLED the old road)
49 (WHERE IS heaven? you ask me) 50 (COME, MOON, come down) 51 (THE EARLY autumn day is cloudless.)
52 (TIRED OF waiting, you burst your bonds,) 53 (I OPENED MY bud when April breathed) 54 (IN THE beginning of time)
55 (THE NOONDAY air is quivering) 56 (THE EVENING was lonely for me) 57 (THIS AUTUMN is mine)
58 (THINGS THRONG and laugh) 59 (THEY DO NOT build high towers) 60 (TAKE BACK your coins)