81 (in the beginning was)

III. 74. pratham ek jo apai ap


IN THE beginning was He alone, sufficient unto Himself: the formless, colourless, and unconditioned Being.

Then was there neither beginning, middle, nor end;

Then were no eyes, no darkness, no light;

Then were no ground, air, nor sky; no fire, water, nor earth; no rivers like the Ganges and the Jumna, no seas, oceans, and waves.

Then was neither vice nor virtue; scriptures there were not, as the Vedas and Puranas, nor as the Koran.

Kabir ponders in his mind and says, 'Then was there no activity: the Supreme Being remained merged in the unknown depths of His own self.'

The Guru neither eats nor drinks, neither lives nor dies:

Neither has He form, line, colour, nor vesture.

He who has neither caste nor clan nor anything elsehow may I describe His glory?

He has neither form nor formlessness,

He has no name,

He has neither colour nor colourlessness,

He has no dwelling-place.