AT YOUTH'S coronation, Kalidasa,

You took your seat, your beloved by your side,

in Love's primal paradise.

Earth spread its emerald-green carpet beneath your feet,

the sky held over your heads

its canopy gold-embroidered;

the seasons danced round you

carrying their wine cups of varied allurements,

the whole universe yielded itself to your loneliness of delight,

leaving no trace of human sorrows and sufferings

in the immense solitude of your bridal chamber.

Suddenly God's curse descended from on high

hurling its thunderbolt of separation

upon the boundless detachment of youth's egotism.

The seasons' ministry in a moment was ended

When the veil was wrenched from love's isolation,

and on the tear-misted sky appeared the pageantry

of the rainy world of June

across which journeyed the sad notes of your bereaved heart

towards a distant dream.