I HAVE EVER loved thee in a hundred forms and times,

Age after age, in birth following birth.

The chain of songs that my fond heart did weave

Thou graciously didst take around thy neck,

Age after age, in birth following birth.

When I listen to the tales of the primitive past,

The love-pangs of the far distant times,

The meetings and partings of the ancient ages,

I see thy form gathering light

Through the dark dimness of Eternity

And appearing as a star ever fixed in the memory of the All.

We two have come floating by the twin currents of love

That well up from the inmost heart of the Beginningless.

We two have played in the lives of myriad lovers

In tearful solitude of sorrow,

In tremulous shyness of sweet union,

In old old love ever renewing its life.

The on-rolling flood of the love eternal

Hath at last found its perfect final course.

All the joys and sorrows and longings of heart,

All the memories of the moments of ecstasy,

All the love-lyrics of poets of all climes and times

Have come from the everywhere

And gathered in one single love at thy feet.