1 (darkly you sweep on)

DARKLY YOU sweep on. Eternal Fugitive, round whose bodiless rush stagnant space frets into eddying bubbles of light.

        Is your heart lost to the Lover calling you across his immeasurable loneliness?

        Is the aching urgency of your haste the sole reason why your tangled tresses break into stormy riot and pearls of fire roll along your path as from a broken necklace?


Your fleeting steps kiss the dust of this world into sweetness, sweeping aside all waste; the storm centred with your dancing limbs shakes the sacred shower of death over life and freshens her growth.

        Should you in sudden weariness stop for a moment, the world would rumble into a heap, an encumbrance, barring its own progress, and even the least speck of dust would pierce the sky throughout its infinity with an unbearable pressure.


My thoughts are quickened by this rhythm of unseen feet round which the anklets of light are shaken.

        They echo in the pulse of my heart, and through my blood surges the psalm of the ancient sea.

        I hear the thundering flood tumbling my life from world to world and form to form, scattering my being in an endless spray of gifts, in sorrowings and songs.


The tide runs high, the wind blows, the boat dances like thine own desire, my heart!

        Leave the hoard on the shore and sail over the unfathomed dark towards limitless light.




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