21 (why these preparations)


'WHY THESE preparations without end?'-I said to Mind-'Is some one to come?'

Mind replied, I am enormously busy gathering things and building towers. I have no time to answer such questions.'

Meekly I went back to my work.

When things were grown to a pile, when seven wings of his palace were complete, I said to Mind, Is it not enough?'

Mind began to say, 'Not enough to contain-' and then stopped.

'Contain what?' I asked.

Mind affected not to hear.

I suspected that Mind did not know, and with ceaseless work

smothered the question.

His one refrain was, I must have more.'

'Why must you?'

'Because it is great.'

'What is great?'

Mind remained silent. I pressed for an answer.

In contempt and anger. Mind said, 'Why ask about things that are not? Take notice of those that are hugely before you,-the struggle and the fight, the army and armaments, the bricks and mortar, and labourers without number.'

I thought 'Possibly Mind is wise.'