46 (o sadhu! purify your)

I.98. sadho, sahajai kaya sodho


O SADHU! purify your body in the simple way.

As the seed is within the banyan tree, and within the seed are the flowers, the fruits, and the shade:

So the germ is within the body, and within that germ is the body again.

The fire, the air, the water, the earth, and the aether; you cannot have these outside of Him.

O Kazi, O Pundit, consider it well: what is there that is not in the soul?

The water-filled pitcher is placed upon water, it has water within and without.

It should not be given a name, lest it call forth the error of dualism.

Kabir says: 'Listen to the Word, the Truth, which is your essence. He speaks the Word to Himself; and He Himself is the Greater.'





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