106 (behind an infinite secrecy)

BEHIND AN infinite secrecy of the dark

from which the world of prying lights was shut out

there walked in the Destroyer,

and underneath the pall of an ominous hush

rehearsed reparation in the deep of my being.

At last the stage was made vacant

for the new act of life's play,

when a fiery finger from the sky touched a fringe of the darkness

and a lightning thrill

pierced the immensity of sleep

breaking it to pieces.

A stream of awakening began to course through the veins of a

blind inertness

as the first flood of the rainy June pursues its branching path

amidst the emptiness of a dry river-bed.

Big boulders of shadows barricaded the passage of light

and created confusion

till they were swept away,

and the spirit of new life unbared herself

in a luminous horizon of peace.

This body of mine

the carrier of the burden of a past

seemed to me like an exhausted cloud

slipping off from the listless arm of the morning.

I felt freed from its clasp

in the heart of an incorporeal light

at the furthest shore

of evanescent things.