22 (is it the destroyer who)

IS IT THE Destroyer who comes?

For the boisterous sea of tears heaves in the flood-tide of pain.

The crimson clouds run wild in the wind lashed by lightning, and the thundering laughter of the Mad is over the sky.

Life sits in the chariot crowned by Death.

Bring out your tribute to him of all that you have.

Do not hug your savings to your heart, do not look behind,

Bend your head at his feet, trailing your hair in the dust.

Take to the road from this moment.

For the lamp is blown out and the house is desolate.

The storm winds scream through your doors, the walls are rocking, and the call comes from the land of dimness beyond your ken.

Hide not your face in terror; tears are in vain; your door chains have snapped.

Run out for your voyage to the end of all joys and sorrows.

Let your steps be the steps of a desperate dance.

Sing 'Victory to Life in Death.'

Accept your destiny, O Bride!

Put on your red robe to follow through the darkness the torchlight of the Bridegroom!