99 (i neglected to appraise)

I NEGLECTED to appraise your worth

being blindly sure of my possession.

The days followed each other and the nights

carrying your offerings to my feet.

I looked at them through the corner of my eyes

as they were being sent to my storehouse.

April's honeysuckles added their scent to your gifts,

the full moon of the autumn night

touched them with its glimmer.

Often you poured the flood of your dark tresses upon my lap

and your eyes swam with tears while you said:

My tribute to you, my king, is pitifully meagre;

I have failed to give you more, not having any more to give.

The days follow each other and the nights

but you are no longer here today.

I come to open at last my storehouse,

and take up the chain of the jewels,

that came from your hands on my neck.

My pride that remained indifferent

kisses the dust where you left your footprints.

Today I gain you truly

for with my sorrow I have paid the price of your love.





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