3 (the clouds part the)

THE CLOUDS part, the morning star appears in the East,

a breath of relief springs up from the heart of the earth,

the murmur of leaves ripples along the forest path,

and the early bird sings.

'The time has come,' proclaims the Man of faith.

'The time for what?'

'For the pilgrimage.'

They sit and think, they know not the meaning,

and yet they seem to understand according to their desires.

The touch of the dawn goes deep into the soil

and life shivers along through the roots of all things.

'To the pilgrimage of fulfilment,' a small voice

whispers, nobody knows whence.

Taken up by the crowd

it swells into a mighty meaning.

Men raise their heads and look up,

women lift their arms in reverence,

children clap their hands and laugh.

The early glow of the sun shines like a golden garland

on the forehead of the Man of faith,

and they all cry: 'Brother, we salute thee!'