16 (i forgot myself)

I FORGOT myself for a moment, and I came.

        But raise your eyes, and let me know if there still linger some shadow of other days, like a pale cloud on the horizon that has been robbed of its rain.

        For a moment bear with me if I forget myself.


The roses are still in bud; they do not yet know how we neglect to gather flowers this summer.

        The morning star has the same palpitating hush; the early light is enmeshed in the branches that overbrow your window, as in those other days.

        That times are changed I forget for a little, and have come.


I forget if you ever shamed me by looking away when I bared my heart.

        I only remember the words that stranded on the tremor of your lips; I remember in your dark eyes sweeping shadows of passion, like the wings of a home-seeking bird in the dusk.

        I forget that you do not remember, and I come.




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